General Camping Information


Visitors and Fees

When camping, it is enjoyable to have friends and family visit or even stay overnight. Many times visitors and campers are confused when the campground charges a small fee. “We paid for our place” — you may think. And it is not that campground owners do not want visitors; it is simply that the facilities can only handle so many people. Excess people cause strains on the restrooms, pools, and other amenities as well as facilities. Visitors also cause an extra utility expense which must be paid. Who should pay for all this? The camper? No, the Visitor. Please make sure to tell all visitors that they may be charged a fee to use the campground facilities and amenities.

Don’t Move Firewood

We ask all campers to purchase their firewood where they camp and avoid moving firewood from other sites. Ash trees are one of Illinois native trees. No bigger than a penny, the Emerald Ash Borer has wreaked havoc on millions of these native trees, with most having been lost. Larvae of the Emerald ash borer feed on the soft tissue under the bark of these great trees, killing them within 3-4 years. It is strongly recommended that campers burn all firewood in their possession before they leave their campsite. Most Illinois state parks and private campgrounds prohibit guests from bringing firewood onto their property. Feel free to visit for more information.